Electrician Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program

Instructor: John Houman
Erin Mascot & Financial Advisor


The Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program is designed for person looking to the future to plan a path thought life and if you decide to go into the electrical trade to improve your skills and trade readiness needed to work as an apprentice.

There is no cost to participate in a pre-apprenticeship program. Costs for text books, and tools are your responsibility.

Who can participate?

The Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program is open to? If you were able to read this far. Your are half way there.


Color Blind Test


Should I Become an Electrician?

Do you like working with your hand

When you are expected to do something or be somewhere, can others count on you? You will travel a lot, each job will be at different location, varying from a few miles to 50 to 60 from home.

Are you good at problem solving? If not, Don't worry you will.

Are you willing to work with dangerous equipment and under potentially dangerous conditions?

Are you comfortable being on your feet a lot?

How do you feel about working with or for people of different race, religion, age or sexual orientation? This is one thing I enjoyed was meeting people from different background and countries.


Unlike Most jobs, personal skills like Electrician, Plumber, Welder and Nurses can not be replaced by machines and computers. Were every you go, big city or small town, your skills are in demand.


Where am I Going and how do I get there? If you don't know were you are going, how do you get there!


If you can't work, who will pay your bill? 99% of all accidents are preventable.


What is a Gopher

Where do I Start?


Tool List

Tools that you need to start working as an Electrician.


Types of Screw

How do I attach electrical devices to?


Types of wire

How do you get Electricity to were it is need?



I'm a slow leaner, It took me 70 years to figure out these ideas I'm passing on to you.


Basic Electricity

The physical phenomena associated with the presence and flow of electrons.



The physical interaction that occurs between electrically charged particles.


Basic Wiring

How do you get wire to were it is need?


Switches Receptacle Devices that allow electrically operated equipment to be connected or controlled.