College Tuition

Keeping up with the Jones:
Criminal Investigation into a Murder Mystery.

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Detective Warren believes that the motive's are jealousy and greed. This idea stems from articles in Forbes Magazine and U.S. News & World Report rating Joe College as number one with the highest future salary potential.

While talking to Jamie Banker coach of the University of Jonesville Raiders, Detective Warren finds out that Joe was having an affair with Mona Monie Price, Dean's Fixer Price's wife, who is the same age as the Dean's daughter from his first Marriage. Next Detective Warren talks to the Assistant coach and finds out that at a faculty party the coach got drunk and had sex with the Dean's wife and was upset with Joe College because he's moving to another university ruining coach's hopes of going pro. Leaving the sports facility, Detective Warren talks to the assistant to the assistant to the assistant to the assistant coach. Marveling at the sports facility the assistant mentions that they just rebuilt it three years ago but don't worry about the cost we  raised tuition.

Next talking to the Head of Admission Detective Warren found out the entire faculty is jealous of the overpaid and under educative coach and thinks the coach did it. The head of admissions is called away but the assistant to the assistant to the assistant head of admission comes to the window to talk to Detective Warren. You're right this is a beautiful facility with all state-of-the-art electronic but don't worry about the cost we raised tuition.

Talking to the Horticultural Engineer, "We found Joe College here in the Botanical Gardens but couldn't determine cause of death. You're right this is a beautiful place but don't worry we  raised tuition. "

While looking through Joe's dorm room, Detective Warren is approached by several young coeds and an unknown male who said they had dated Joe but had trouble having a one-way conversation about how great Joe was. Other then the designer clothing and a photo of Joe's new car, there were no clues.

Walking into the Dean's office, Detective Warren finds Joe College's parents just leaving. The parents said they don't have any idea why anybody would harm their son. Joe was lucky he had a scholarship. They had no problems paying tuition for their oldest Daughter, but couldn't pay for Joe because of higher tuition and economical changes in the family income.

The receptionist said that the dean will talk with you, go right in and that the office was just remodeled but don't worry, we raised tuition. The Dean said he was not jealous because he and his wife are getting a divorce, holding out a business card, that he was in love with the Financial Loan Advisor Miss Switch. Reading the business card, the name looked familiar but he couldn't place it. "Bait N. Switch". On the way out, Detective Warren notices a photo of the Dean shaking hands with Kenneth Lay.

Driving back to Headquarters, Detective Warren thinks over the events of the day. No babies, no old people, no sick people, no homeless persons standing on the corner, nothing but beautiful people. Almost like there is no tomorrow. Laughing out loud: "Oh-shit, I forgot to interview Peter Pan and Captain Hook."

Tune in Next week to find out if Detective Warren can solve this unsolvable mystery.


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